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We specialize in custom tattoos for those looking for a unique experience unlike any other tattoo shop. We prioritize our guests needs as well as their intentions. Oftentimes, people come to us to commemorate a moment in their lives that left a profound impact.  We want to honor each person's story with the highest integrity. 


Most of us don't take the time to care for ourselves the way we deserve. The greatest gift we can give ourselves is a moment to be still and to connect our minds and bodies with the intention of restorative healing. Massage is one of the most profound ways of nurturing ourselves. Our intention is to not only physically unwind areas of discomfort but to balance the body with therapeutic touch to help make way for a higher quality of life - creating more space for our minds to reset and for our bodies to receive.


Piercing is another form of self-expression and body adornment. Whether you are interested in facial piercings or body piercings, quality care and mindful integrity is always at the forefront of our mind. All piercings are done in a sterile environment with attention to aseptic technique. Traditional earlobe piercings can be done for children over 8 years of age and is highly encouraged versus getting them done with the unsafe method of a piercing gun. Continued support is offered throughout your healing process.


Art is the center of our focus, providing a beautiful aesthetic to enjoy during your services. Om art gallery features local artist as well as some from other parts of our community. We feature each artist on a quarterly basis and enjoy collaborating with each other to bring more art to our community. If there is a piece you are interested in, feel free to let us know and we can assist you. Also feel free to reach out if you are an artist and would like to show your art here and/or have pieces available for purchase. Check back often to see who we are showing currently.

There's no place like Om...

We hold a sacred space for art and wellness. Our mission is to provide holistic bodywork and body adornment while honoring the light within you


Here are some of our upcoming events!




Whole Woman's Health 

Om Tattoo & Massage




Ink to End Lyme

Om Tattoo & Massage




Queer Gala + Pride Flash Event!

New York, NY




Charlottesville Art Festival at IX

Philadelphia, PA




Fae Fest at IX

Philadelphia, PA




Fantasy Fest at IX 

Philadelphia, PA

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As a licensed piercer, Ariel has always been drawn to the world of body modification with 8 years' experience in the piercing community. Her main focus is accentuating each individual's unique features while keeping up with the latest trends, safety practices and industry standards. Outside of the studio she spends her time sewing, gaming, and hanging out with her adorable dogs. Be it her love of piercing or sewing, embellishment is key no matter the canvas.

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Therapeutic Massage 



Nakahili's journey to become a licensed massage therapist began in 2002 when she graduated with her education in Therapeutic Massage. Her massages are reminiscent of her upbringing as a native of Hawaii. Clients experience the aloha present in her intent and movement. 
Therapeutic and customized for each individuals need, Nakahili walks you through the process and checks in with you to make sure you feel enveloped in a safe touch environment.
Nakahili also travels with her table and is available to local concert venues, conventions, b&b's, and neighboring businesses. She has worked with many different performing artists such as Rob Zombie, Breaking Benjamin, Tyler the Creator, George Clinton, Modest Mouse, and more.

Why did I wait so long to get a massage here?! Nakahili is amazing. As a farmer I abuse my body daily and she hit all the right spots to melt my pain away. So thankful for her careful and skilled work. Definitely recommend!

-Karen M.

Hey Chris! I thought I should let you know that Emma was talking about you specifically, after leaving the other night. She said, with a warmth I probably can't duplicate in a review, "I really really like him - he makes me feel so comfortable - he's just really calm and reassuring and I feel like I know him - like know who he is as a person and it's all good." 

-Deborah Ann

Emily is not only a great tattoo artist but a good soul... she makes getting ink an experience to remember... I followed her to Om for my second tattoo. I am so happy for her because she is where she is meant to be. The studio is so relaxing and you get great vibes from everyone when you come in... I cannot say enough about Emily... once you meet her you will understand.

-Tonya B.

Ariel is an amazing piercer here. She made me feel very comfortable and walked me through what she was doing every step of the way. She even convinced me into getting a cute cartilage piercing that I had not planned on getting! All of the Om staff are very friendly and professional. The studio is very clean and inviting. I will be back for more.

-Kelly S.

You I got my first tattoo with Patrick, and I could not have been happier with the results! He was super fun to talk to, he walked me through the process, and was extremely receptive to incorporating my ideas into the tattoo. I'm so happy I decided to go to Om, and I can already tell that I'll be back as soon as I save up for my next art!

-Mary Kate H.

Went for my second tattoo and had a fantastic experience! Joe did amazing work, and was very friendly and informative. Him and Alex were great—kind, professional, and great to talk to. Can’t recommend Om enough!

-Madeleine E.

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Front Desk Coordinator

"I love performing, singing and doing drag. I'm well organized and a problem solver. I love playing animal crossing and hanging out with my cat. My friends are my family and I believe the shop is like a second home."

We have two stories and entrances with parking around back!

Our sidewalk entrance is on Main Street is next to Tavern & Grocery. You can find our tattoo artists and piercer from this entrance. Emily and Patrick are located downstairs on the backside of the building with our massage therapists. That entrance is only steps from parking with a beautiful outdoor area under the pergola to relax in the shade with a refreshing water or tea. Both areas display art for sale in our gallery!

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