There's no place like Om...

We hold a sacred space for art and wellness. Our mission is to provide holistic bodywork and body adornment while honoring the light within you.


Meet the Team

Chris Hornsby

Chris is a veteran of the US Marine Corps. Art was always his passion and turned down scholarships with SCAD in Savannah, GA to serve our country.
After Chris left the Corps, he went on to be a Roughneck for the oil industry but soon realized his opportunity with tattooing and took a leap back into the arts.
With over ten years experience, Chris' style ranges from Realistic,  Hyper Color Realism, Intense Black and Grey, Illustrative Realistic, Black and Grey Portraits, Full Color Portraits, Neo Traditional,  cover ups and custom designs. 

Photography by Anne Blair.

Nakahili Womack

Nakahili has 18 years experience in therapeutic massage. Her interest in the healing arts began as a child and heavily influenced by her native Hawaiian culture. Nakahili enjoys community outreach and volunteers her time in an effort to bring wellness to those in need. She also worked as an on - call therapist for local concert venues and had the honor of working with several legendary performing artists, such as George Clinton, Rob Zombie, Modest Mouse, Johnny 5, STS9, Breaking Benjamin, and Tyler the Creator.

Photography by Anne Blair.

Ian Roberts

Ian is our Resident Artist here at Om. His clean lines and versatility makes him a well sought after artist. Ian's calm demeanor and light handed work makes anyone feel comfortable in his chair.

Danielle Roberts

Danielle is our Booking Consultant for the artists and therapists. Dani comes from a medical background in nursing which explains her nurturing personality. She makes scheduling a breeze.

Michael Wilson

Michael is our tattoo apprentice at Om. As long as he can remember, Michael has wanted to be a tattoo artist and to give a piece of himself to others in the form of art. "The idea of someone choosing to wear something I’ve made on their skin forever is the most gratifying and humbling complement I can imagine." His main style interests include Japanese, American traditional, black and gray, and stippling just to name a few. 

Emily Drayer

Emily describes herself as a book loving, hobby farming, homeschooling mama of three. Her favorite subject matter are florals, bugs, bees, and forest friends.
Emily has been drawing since childhood and is inspired by old lithographs, street art, and surrealism.

Dex Clay

With over 18 years of experience, Dex specializes in traditional and Neo traditional styles. If bold lines and bright colors are your thing, Dex is the guy for you. 


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