Tattoo Minimum


Starting price for any small tattoo.

Tattoo Retainer Fee

$50 or 50%

This rate is determined by how long the session will be.

Tattoo Hourly Rate


Customized Tattoo Hourly Rate.



Price includes jewelry. $30 per additional piercing. Earlobes are $60 for the pair. Children 8 and older.

60 Minute Massage


Customized 60 min Therapeutic Massage.

90 Minute Massage


Customized 90 min Therapeutic Massage.

90 Minute Hot Stone


Luxurious 90 min Hot Stone Massage.

120 Minute Massage


Customized 120 min Therapeutic Massage.

Prenatal Massage


60 minutes of nurturing and therapeutic massage for expectant mothers.

30 Minute Chair Massage


Focus work on your back and shoulders.

Foot Treatment Add On


Enhance your massage with an exfoliation and deep moisturizing for your feet.

Aromatherapy Add On


Take a sensory journey with your spa experience.


Holiday Relaxation

The holidays are upon us and the weather is cold. Warm up with a nurturing and therapeutic massage for the self care you deserve. This 90 minute massage includes hot stones on the back and paraffin wax for those areas that need extra TLC.
Only $115 

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